do you have the time?

Lately, I have noticed that my default answer for the "how's life?" question is..."Busy. But good. Just really busy!" It's true. I'm busy. I'm in college and heavily involved at my campus ministry, but there still has to be time for other aspects of life, right?


I wish someone could make a bar graph out of the time I spend on various activities. I'm afraid looking at it would cause me to cringe. Some days, I expect my email/facebook time to be greater than what i spent praying or calling a camp friend (miss all of them...so much) or giving my grandparents a ring. I know so well what is most important but still spend some of my time on things that are so fleeting. If anyone knows why this happens, I'd appreciate any insight. Maybe its easier to sit and get lost in facebook world for a longer time than I'm willing to admit than to pick up the phone and call my best friends who live 8, 9 and 13 hours away. Though it may be easier, I'm committing to change in mindset. These new thoughts are to center around the idea of remembering what is important in life, that each day is a precious precious gift and that my life is a vapor (James 4:14). If a light mist is all I get, I want to make the most of it.

This is a friendly reminder that stares at me as I'm on my computer. I suggest it...its been pretty successful so far!

With the time that I am not wasting I have...

(Note: school work is still important, of course. It's assumed.)

Watched Miss America with great friends. Complete with crowns and red white and blue cake.

 Watched the snow fall in Baton Rouge (again).

Made cupcakes.

Celebrated birthdays.

Cooked a Valentine's meal with Dustin. That Sunday was a blessing - going to church together, lunch with friends, and getting to spend the rest of the day talking, laughing and cooking without feeling guilty about not studying.
Spent time with my beautiful niece (and wonderful sister and brother-in-law).

Last but not least - read for my literature class as Dustin worked on his car stereo. I'm thankful for a boyfriend who always wants to spend time together but is willing to get creative when there's lots to do and little time to do it in. He rewired something with lots of different colored wires and I read Invisible Cities aloud. This, by far, was one of my favorite nights of the semester.

Most importantly, I've been learning that every hour of my day is much less effective if I did not start it off with a heavy dose of the Word. I am learning to be desperate for it so that I can fight the daily battle for joy. I want to walk and be led by the Spirit so I don't gratify the flesh (Galatians 5).

Have a spring weather-filled Monday!