an earthy day

This year, the end of a crazy week and Earth Day coincided which called for some down time spent celebrating relationships and the world we live them in.

Traveled via motorcycle all afternoon and evening.

Embraced our inner 2nd grade art student at Whole Foods. I tried to be interpretive. Slight fail.

Perused World Market before buying a super cool Chinese soda.

Moved an outdoor picnic indoors due to unhappy weather.

 Watched Disney Oceans. So cool. God is so creative.

Seems like there were many more happenings including these. All surrounded by cruising and laughing.

How did you celebrate Earth Day?


soaking it up

School, school, Mexico planning, school, Mexico planning, school, school, traveling to Mexico, school, leadership training at Pine Cove, school, school, school, finals, a few days with the fam, Pine Cove for the summer, school, school...

Spring 2010 has definitely been a semester unlike any other. To my dismay, it has seemed to be more about getting done what has to get done and less about taking time to do things that I really enjoy. Some of the most important relationships in my life seem to have taken a slight hit this semester. I say that with the deepest regret. Every time I want to make a phone call, invite someone to lunch, pick up a magazine or try a new craft project, I stop and listen to the pile of school work that is screaming at me. It's telling me to focus on it first. Worry about everything else later. Never before have I listened to it. Looks like this semester it has finally caught my attention. Though this has been the most trying semester of my college career, the Lord has provided me with breaks that saved my sanity, supernatural rest, and unexplainable joy. 

There are lots of happenings that I would like to take time to process, to spill about, to realize what I learned and to live differently because I experienced them. Even though there is not time for the first three, the Lord has graciously molded me regardless. He has packed my semester with lessons. And though I feel like they are all swarming above my head, and I can't seem to catch them all at the same time, the Lord is still working good through me. As always, I know when anything good passes through my mind or bounces off my tounge, it is only the Lord letting me be a part of His perfect plan. Praise Him for His thoroughness. His eternally long plan is as detailed as to what words I speak every day. All I can say about that is...COOL!

So, in the past month I have been...

...to Mexico and back. It was incredible. The Lord did WORK. There was no doubt that all 113 of us were supposed to be there that week. I, once again, fell in love with the Mexican people and my wonderful teammates. God also, with His wonderful sense of humor, brought my wonderful Chinese friend, Wen, from China to the Louisiana to Mexico to pour out His grace on her for her salvation. It was one of the most incredible things I have ever witnessed.

Check out Wen's story here

...missing my best friends from home terribly. Longing to do day to day life with them while knowing that it won't be until August that I will see them all again. Knowing that this will be our first year without a summer roadtrip. Knowing that in less than a year we will all be done with college and moving to places only the Lord knows. I know God is sovereign over our relationship, but right now it just hurts. But, we have survived this long. And continue to survive we will!

...to Leadership weekend at Pine Cove. The fact that I will be serving as a senior counselor at the Shores this summer has finally sunk in. There was so much joy in the midst of a reunion with fellow staffers that I haven't seen in nine months. What a crazy summer it will be! I am greatly anticipating the Lord's work through us as a team.

...distantly dealing with aging grandparents. I am blessed with four living grandparents. This has been an extremely special part of my life and also a cause of a deep fear of losing one of them. It seems lately that there has been health issue after health issue. And, right before Mexico, Papaw Mc seemed to take a turn for the worse. I'm fighting off the guilt of being away from home and just complete sadness with a lot of prayer. My parents have been such troopers. They are a wonderful example of children honoring their parents. They never show their exhaustion because of their desire for their parents to live a comfortable life in their old age. Please pray for my sweet grandparents.

...trying to have a little fun in between all the craziness. Even when life is insane, the Lord provides such joy through friends, family, my awesome family group and his creation.

Feels good to be semi-caught up with the blogging world. It's kind of this problematic fixation I have. Now...back to studying.

The king's heart is a stream of water in the hand of the Lord;
he turns it wherever he will. Proverbs 21:1