lottie's room

When D and I were newly engaged, one of the things I was most excited to do was to make my own wedding inspiration board. Why? I'm not completely sure. Maybe it was my only way of pretending to fulfill my then dream of being a wedding professional. Nowadays, that has completely translated into baby land. Probably because my dear friend, Sarah, introduced me to the ever-addicted laybabylay.com. [You've been warned.]

Now. I have absolutely no need to make Lottie a little board of her own. But it is a fun, mindless time-passer. And after the craziest fall wedding season, a little bit of mindless is very welcome. Her room's current state is also a little bit of a sad sight. She does now have a mattress to go in her crib, so that's progress, y'all! But now since said wedding season has come to a close, I have a little time to focus on making it the spot I've always dreamed about before her arrival. [Yes, I dreamed about nurseries.] And this helps to see if it really will all come together!

The room is mainly white on white...on white. We painted it Valspar's Du Jour and plan to use simple white bedding. Her room will be like most things in the house - a mix of old and modern, and it will have touches of gold and a tiny bit of warm wood. I'm absolutely most excited about a banner that I dreamed up for above her crib that my totally completely insanely talented friend, Lydia Hendrix, is bringing to life. And I can't wait to show off her work!