mamaw turns 90

If I, Lord willing, get to celebrate my 90th birthday, I hope I will be up for a girls trip with my daughter and granddaughters just like my wonderfully spunky Mamaw Loyce. I hope I'll want to eat Italian food and go shopping and get facials and go for pedicures. I hope I want to sightsee and have a two hour breakfast in bed and go to brunch and eat enormous amounts of chocolate cake.

When together, we talk and laugh and carry on so much that multiple people told us we needed our own reality show. This, of course, makes us completely unfit for the relaxation room at the spa. We're too loud even post-massage. All of this makes me incredibly thankful for all these favorite females of mine and the opportunity to be together. 

Happy 90th Birthday, Mamaw! I'm so glad you were born and that you are the matriarch of our family. I'm so glad to be called "Little Loyce" at family reunions. And I'm so glad for your indescribable love!