the sixth of august

To the sixth of August, two thousand and eleven:

I am glad to have known you and [mostly] glad that you are gone. I'm glad for the anticipation and excitement you built and for the relief and enjoyment your presence offered. I'm glad for the way you granted a generous amount of togetherness. I'm glad you brought with you a shiny-new hubs, a shiny-new time of life and a lot of remembrance of how we got here. I'm glad that the Lord shined his face upon you and blessed every minute of your existence. I'm glad that, though you did not defy impossibility by being 100% flawless [though, almost], you were absolutely perfect where it mattered.

Your morning was ideal - not even setting an alarm, a shabby chic bridesmaids luncheon filled with handwritten notes, laughing, crying, and priceless advice from my second moms. Oh, and really awesome cheesecake and peach tea. Your afternoon was a joy of a whirlwind - doing hair [sorry, curls - you didn't survive the August heat], getting dressed with my favorite females, smelling the most beautiful bouquet I've ever smelled [or seen], exchanging gifts with the future mister via messenger mail, and lots and lots of pictures. Your evening was enchanting - gripping my daddy's arm at the sound of Come Thou Fount, craning to see my groom over the congregation, a teary eyed father of the bride, groom, pastor, and best men, worshipping with our wedding guests, more pictures, lots of candlelight, dancing, good good cake, and doing all those wedding reception traditions you can't imagine yourself doing until it happens.

I can't wait to hang your pictures all over my walls and tell our grandkids about you. Thanks for being the unquestionable best day of my life. And thanks bunches for not raining.

All my love,
Meagan Jenkins

P.S. Here's a few snapshots of you that I stole off Facebook


pre-wedding partying

There are so many moments I will never forget. At least I expect to not. But just in case I don’t have my grandmother’s genes that have provided her a steel trap of a memory, I ought to do a little recording. And I don’t even know if that’s genetic. Just sounded fancy. 
I'll never forget how cute my niece was getting a mani and a pedi. Or how fun that girls day was - running wedding errands, having lunch out with the best MOB, MOH, and flower girl. Even if Audrey's crayons melted into a thick paint-like substance in her car seat thanks to the ba-jillion degree weather.
 I'll never forget how the easily the projects came together thanks to friends' and family's "all hands on deck" attitudes and the fun we had finishing them.

I'll never forget the last night that the Ruston four spent as all single ladies. We moved from all in one booth to all in one car to all around one kitchen table to all on one couch to all in one bed. That night offered a promise and a peace that this friendship, strong yet adaptable, is up to the task of another life transition.

I’ll never forget that it was a weekend full of parties. For a person who likes to celebrate the smallest of  events, I was profoundly blessed. Blessed by gifts of people’s shared memories, their time, their traveling, their laughter and their tears. Lots and lots of tears. Happy tears, of course. Or at least I hope.

My sister and the rest of my Ruston bridesmaids gave an awesome lingerie shower complete with ruffly pink decorations, hilarious games, and every good-tasting dessert this side of the Mississippi. So good that I lost all inhibition and forgot that I was to wear a wedding dress the next day. Worth it. That afternoon began the weekend’s whirlwind, and I will never forget how I felt sitting in Abs’ living room. I was surrounded by nearly every female [family members and friends alike] who I loved most in the world and knew, without one doubt, that they loved me. They had been a part of this journey from the beginning [and long before that]. They knew me better than anyone, and they were there to celebrate. Because of that, they not only gifted me with lots of pretty little things, but with comfort and with peace. The weekend could not have started better. 

After that, another party and another dress. The rehearsal brought more well-known faces. More reunions. Especially the beautiful Swanson family who flew from Seattle for the weekend. Their presence will forever be a favorite wedding gift. I think nearly every one of my girls cried as they rehearsed their walk down the aisle. It’s my fault – I started it. It was awesome. A good happy cry with all of your favorite people. What more could a girl ask for?

Our emotional abundance was only the beginning for the evening. It’s a good thing we had some great comfort food for the rehearsal dinner. I ate my feelings in the form of fajitas, chips and salsa, and strawberry cake. Once again – wedding dress. Less than 24 hours. And, once again, worth it.

I’ll never forget nor will I ever be able to explain the encouragement. So much so that, as Dustin and I were saying goodnight in the parking lot, we were speechless. Speechless from the blessing of being known by so many. Speechless from processing all that priceless marriage advice. Speechless from the love. It's as if all those that spoke were saying, "Go and tackle this ginormous change ahead of you! We believe in you! And we will stand beside you as you do." We see the resounding effects of this encouragement as we get comfy in the newness of married life.

I'll never forget how I slept like a rock. A peace-filled rock. 
There is more that is remembered in time. Fleeting thoughts that become sweet memories. And these were only the days leading up to! It was the greatest. weekend. ever. 


hello, new world

Excuse me as I brush the dust off my keyboard.

There is so much to tell. Not that you are waiting breathlessly to hear or anything. It's just that I've decided, as the memories of these last 3 weeks continue to bounce around in my brain, that I have nearly poisoned myself with the need to process and write in order to remember. But maybe there is some good in that poison bottle. With so much change, I'll take as long as needed to recap and solidify these sweet sweet memories that fill the past 21 days. They are to never be forgotten.

Hopefully you'll bare with me as I do so. I'm holding my grip at the end of His pen as our Author has begun this new volume of our life at an incredibly swift pace. And I won't let these moments-captured slip into the folds of the pages. They are too good! He has made written them all too well.

One day I'll mentally catch up with my life that has entertained more change than ever before in my twenty-two years. That effort begins now!

So, for now, marriage began sweetly and sweetens daily. That's thanks to incredible family and community that surrounded us on August 6th and continue to do so today. That's thanks to a loving, patient, and fun new hubs. That's thanks to a Savior who has poured His grace and mercy on this entire process. I will elaborate soon.

For the record - marriage is a blast. And I'm doing my best to keep enjoying this unpacking process. D makes it pretty easy too. For example, when deciding where to put his speakers, he said [in all seriousness], "Yea, this room is good because we can have our dance parties in here."

It's going to be a good life.

P.S. I'm itching for a new blog title/URL name/etc. I want to keep up with these changing times!