remembering mamaw mc

Mamaw's funeral was a week ago tomorrow. It was a warm and windy Tuesday - very appropriate for my tiny Floridian grandmother. At 83, she lived a long and purposeful life as a devoted daughter, mother, grandmother, friend, and wife. When her role as a wife ended three years ago, she sorely missed her other half every day. I can only imagine the reunion.

Last week was a reminder that our days with the Greatest Generation are numbered. That it takes intentionality to learn from the members whose formative years look so very different from our own. I've obviously thought a lot about Mamaw this passed week. Not just the sweet memories I have of her (though I was created with an extra dose of emotionally-charged nostalgia), but how I could honor her memory by simply being more like her.

I think about her when I choose to put the lighter back in its place after lighting a candle instead of leaving it on the nearest surface. Or when I rinse and reuse a butter container or when I follow a recipe to the T. I know I'll always remember her when I see blueberries or tea cakes - the two things she'd fill those reused, half-gallon butter tubs with for our trips back to college. Or when I see blue hydrangeas like the ones she grew on an astonishingly large bush in her backyard.

Our week in Louisiana was bittersweet, of course. Plenty of tears over our loss as well as laughter when recalling all of Mamaw's lovable quirks. When we were all about to make our way back to Alabama and South Carolina, my sweet parents thanked us for being there, reminding us that we did it again - we bonded together and took care of business. The McMahone way.

I know Mamaw Mc would be proud.


house update

I've had some [very thoughtful] questions about the house progress and thought I'd break the blog silence for a quick update! These builders - they move fast, y'all. Granted, it is a very pre-packaged operation. We have found it to be an exciting process that is a great fit for a starter home. Though I'm going to really miss our little 1920s house and all its character, I have big plans for giving our new builder-grade home our own personal touches. And by plans I mean amateur sketches of each room on graph paper [I am my father's daughter] with a list of room colors and purchases below. Welcome to my crazy side.

Here are a few pictures of some of the details I'm most excited about:

If the HOA allows it, this door won't be white for long!
I can't walk past this without thinking about what fabric I'm going to cover the cushion for this with. Crazy nesting brain.
Our fireplace that will [hopefully] soon be surrounded by pretty stones.
First glimpse of the pretty floors complete with dusty workmen footprints. Thankful for those workmen!
Kitchen cabinets and counters are done and waiting to be lined. Dreading, dreading, dreading.
Upgraded the stove so we could be cooking with gas. Mamaw will be so proud.
Waiting for touch ups, obviously.
A pretty arch between our bedroom and sitting room [which, hilariously enough, we have no furniture for].
A tub big enough for my long legs. Complete with a large picture window that will need blinds STAT.
That's us!
That's us, too!
Sprinklers and sod and landscaping happened this week. Always changing!

There she is! Guest room will be done ASAP for all of you long-distance loved ones. Start planning!