happy birthday mere

In our group of friends, a birthday part is a reason to dress up. This time - alter egos.

Disclaimer: We apologize if you are offended because we stereotyped you. It's all fun and games. Promise.

This time we put our big girl pants on and took it outside the apartment. Yes, we did go out in public wearing this. We ate awesome food at Portobellos [yum] as we celebrated Meredith and brought the party home for a dessert bar, expected [and unexpected] dancing and some photo booth action. There's never a dull moment with these ladies.


by the book[s]

Thanks to four tests in one week, Valentines evening wasn't available for the standard carefree merriment. But that's ok. We're always about making some good memories - even if it's in my least favorite place on the planet.

Here's what you need for a successful study-filled Valentines date:

And just in case you are like me and leave your entire set of notes at your apartment, [you know the ones that are your only source for a good grade on tomorrow's mega test?] then just call in the reinforcements.

That's right. Chocolate.

Hope your day was sweet! I hope you showed some love and received some too.

P.S. Here's a peek at D's Valentine gift from me. It's just some watercolor, a bit of ink, and whole lot of love.


valentine wishes

Here are a few lovelies that land at the top of my valentine inspiration list.

1. ban.do heart shoe clips. has sequins? must love it.
2. sweetheart tree necklace by lisa leonard designs. one of the many treasures on her site.
3. anything made out of mercury glass. especially this beautiful pink votive from anthro.
4. lacy and whimsical with a black ribbon? yes, please. via modcloth.
5. ban.do love barrette. words in my hair. why didn't i think of that?
6. red velvet cupcakes. a valentines must-have.
7. peonies. if i could, i'd keep fresh ones on every surface of my home at all times. they are the perfect flower.
8. any and all things BHLDN. it premiers tomorrow. I CAN HARDLY WAIT.
9. my favorite etsy art find to date by petek design.


date night

Here's a little documentation of a very fun and much needed date night with D.

Neither having had Indian food before, we gave India's Restaraunt a try. For you BR dwellers, it's on Essen near I-10. And, yes, I just had to check Google maps to make sure that was correct. Lived here for four years. No big deal.

Anyway, it was dee-lish! I don't really know what I ate, but I can tell you that it was goooood. And as a bonus, the people were wonderful - so kind and patient with us when we were too slow to pronounce anything on the menu. I know it's just a local restaraunt, but, as we were sitting there, it reminded me of several things. It reminded me that our God is global. It reminded me that we don't feel called to stay here, and that I need to be intentionally praying for the Lord's direction. The best part of dinner were D's words when thanking God for the yum-o food. When he asked that we may, if it is His will, experience this food in it's native land one day because He has brought us there to love on His people in India. Lord, send us!

After we had our fill of yummy things covered in Indian spices, we wandered around Dillards. Well, it wasn't really wandering. More like scouting. Got to get some ideas before we lauch in to wedding registering! Which, by the way, is just going to be way too much fun.

I was the crazy girl with the camera in the department store. But it was a blast. And now it's back-to-studying for those four test coming up this week. Oh graduation, where are you?


hannah banana

To: Hannah

From: Your honorary Baton Rouge roommates

As you can see, we got all dolled up for your birthday.

Ok that's not true. But pajama-clad is how you know us best, right?

Hope your day is marvelous! You, my friend, deserve the biggest and best birthday in the history of the world to celebrate all the love you give. I can't wait to be seeing you soon. And as always, I hope you know you are loved and missed!


wedding inspiration

I realized that I've never shared the inspiration board I made for our wedding. Which, by the way, is 178 days away! That's 177 days too long. But we know the Lord is teaching us and preparing us in this time. His work is evident!

Aaand sometimes lengthy.

Anyway, preparation for the wedding is immensely less important than preparing for marriage, but I am certainly enjoying it. The pre-August 6th to-do list is long, and I love every checked and unchecked box on that list! I'm a planner, can ya tell??

Here's the overall look for the big day. Everything I put on here makes my vintage-loving heart beat fast!

[click to enlarge]


i love love

No school and no work?! Sounds like the perfect morning for a craft project.

I'm a big fan of wreath-making. And the best part is there is always a reason to make one. This time: Valentine's Day.
Yes, these pictures are taken on my bed. I plugged my hot glue gun into an extension cord and used it while nestled in between my sheets with a big cup of hazelnut coffee on hand.
I layered the doilies by taking the pleated doily and layering it with one that I had not cut but that was a size smaller than the pleated one. The I added some pretties to the tops and hot glued the life out of them onto the burlap.

Gotta love a little frill!


finders keepers

Since the capitol was a ghost town thanks to below-freezing temperatures, my awesome boss man let me leave. I headed to the mall to pick out something for Nat off her registry. That was successful and quicker than expected so wandered into one of my favorite clothing sections. You see, I had absolutely no intention of buying anything for myself.

And then I got the vibe.

Do you know what I'm talking about? I think it may be genetic because my mom, my sister and I can all walk into a store and know if there is something we like in there or not. I'm real sorry if you weren't born with that. Guess you can't have it all. Like us - we obviously traded in a fast metabolism for this inherited gift.

Anyway - a combination of my good shopping vibe and big, red sale signs led me to my new favorite article of clothing. Check it out:

Doesn't it just make you want to snuggle?

I gotta say, this whole taking pictures of myself thing was pretty awkward. And these are the only two decent ones in the bunch. I'm thinking it'll just take a little practice.

But I don't know if Ram will get used to it. This is her, "Why are you taking pictures of yourself in the blistering cold" face:

That little bit of shiny hanging around my neck is a birthday gift from Meg [Ram's mama].

Oh yea. The new last name. I figured, since we're engaged, it'd be ok to go ahead and break out the J initial. It's not like I'm scribbling "Meagan Jenkins" all over my binder.

Just in the margins of my notes.

Needing these 183 days to FLY.

Happy snowy day!



I'm a fan of chivalry. My dad still opens every door and car door for my mom. My grandfather, once a strapping Marine but now a somewhat frail 91-year-old, won't let a woman open a door if he can help it. Even if it's not his easiest task. And I think it's awesome. Call me old fashion or behind-the-times, but I like it. And that's a big deal for this i-n-d-e-p-e-n-d-e-n-t girl.

Today at the capitol, a nine-to-fiver held the door open for me. And a suited man held the shiny copper elevator door. And it's true that that's not too much of a shocker here in the Deep South.

But you know what's really great? It's when someone glances over their sholder, sees that you are a socially acceptable distance away for them not to have to hold that door open but holds it anyway. They don't ruin the gesture by acting slightly impatient. And when you pick it up to a slight jog to get their faster (and to cut down on the awkward I'm-walking-towards-this-stranger-holding-the-door-open-for-me time), they tell you to not hurry. Maybe because they don't want to have to spend more of their day hauling me to the emergency room after a dangerous combination of marble floors, high heels and running takes its toll. Or maybe it's because they are a beautifully subtle example of putting other's needs over their own. And though their job (and therefore the majority of their time) might be more focused on phone calls and messenger mail instead of feeding the hungry, they are still able to give of themselves. I should learn from them.

And I bet it has something to do with their mama raising them right. Right being relative, of course.

This kind fella that held the door despite my location outside the socially acceptable distance to let it casually shut behind him, went a little further to make some small talk and commented on the weather. Which, if you didn't know, rocked the lives of Baton Rouge residents today. Rain? No. Tornado? Nope. The coldest wind I've ever felt in South Louisiana? OH YEA.

Sorry Punxsutawney Phil, looks like your long awaited non-shadow-sighting is a miscalculation. There's no way winter is over here. Or anywhere else in the country, obviously.

Winter returns to Deep SouthThe roommates are currently refreshing their email every three seconds to see if LSU has cancelled class for tomorrow. Just give us kids who normally where shorts in March one snow day, will ya?

I'm not too much of a snow expert, but these clouds look snowy, don't you think?

Oh yea. There's totally snow there.

Go get yourself an awesome mug, a chunky sweater, and a snuggle buddy.



So, habits aren't my strong point. But we'll blame this blogging break on a trip home for a wonderful weekend complete with road tripping with the fiancé, a best friend reunion, time with the fam, a catering consultation (can you say YUM) and a long-awaited wedding.

But, thanks to UPS, I have something so beautiful that will make up for all those missed blogging days. Not that you missed them. There's a dose of humility. 

Anyway, I'd like you to meet the newest member of my family. Or it might just become a fifth limb.

I'm not saying that something materialistic can replace five days of beautiful happenings. Nope, not saying that at all. But have you seen how lovely this brand-spanking-new Canon T1i is?! I obsessively watched for the UPS man all afternoon. And he came!