A Blogging Newbie

Though the reality is that I have not a second to spare in this busy life to write on a blog, I'm doing it anyway! I believe we all need a place like this. A place to write and not be graded. A place to share and it not affect my GPA. I expect it to be a place where I can express new (and often random) thoughts, ideas and interests in an organized, thought-out fashion. Here are a few areas of interest that you can expect to see here...

Ideas on community vs. individual relationships with the Lord

I have been beyond blessed to experience amazing, God-ordained community in high school small groups with home town friends, at the Baptist Collegiate Ministry where I have met my LSU family and at my summer home - Pine Cove Christian Camps.
Lately, God has been challenging me with the idea that while community is wonderful and necessary, in the end it will be my person and individual relationship with Him that will matter when I stand before Him at the end of my life on Earth. I am constantly reminded that I cannot use my communities as a crutch.



I absolutely LOVE anyt Do It Yourself projects, random crafts, homemade gifts, new recipes...anything! I hope for this to be a great place to share my latest project (which I always seem to find time for).

Respecting and learning from past generations

[My Mamaw Loyce and I circa 1993]

My grandparents are my heroes and some of my favorite people on this planet. I could listen to them talk about the days when things were less complicated and when relationships were most important while posessions were not. I'm somewhat of an "old soul," and I have a desire to integrate many of their generation's values into my life today.


I know every girl is supposed to love weddings, but you aren't going to find a bigger fan than myself. Thankfully, I am not one of those [single] crazies that has their wedding planned before they ever meet the groom. I simply love everything that has to do with the event. I love thinking about all that goes into the planning aspect - the dress, the colors, the flowers, the food, the location. Everything. More importantly I love that it is a celebration of love and hopefully a reminder to those in attendence of the love in their life.

There it is - the starting line to this new blog of mine. These are a few topics among the millions that fly through my head on a daily basis. I hope that you'll continually check back to see what is new.

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