an earthy day

This year, the end of a crazy week and Earth Day coincided which called for some down time spent celebrating relationships and the world we live them in.

Traveled via motorcycle all afternoon and evening.

Embraced our inner 2nd grade art student at Whole Foods. I tried to be interpretive. Slight fail.

Perused World Market before buying a super cool Chinese soda.

Moved an outdoor picnic indoors due to unhappy weather.

 Watched Disney Oceans. So cool. God is so creative.

Seems like there were many more happenings including these. All surrounded by cruising and laughing.

How did you celebrate Earth Day?


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  2. You are so cute! :) I actually didn't celebrate earth day... bummer. With an allergy to pollen, I tried to stay inside as much as I could. But, as soon as the pollen dies down, I will enjoy spending a day enjoying the beauty of the Lord's beautiful creation! :)

    He sure did a great job with you, Meg! You are beautiful, inside and out!!

    ps, I really want to see the oceans movie. Was it good??

  3. precious precious! i love snapshots of your days.