banner DIY and a life catch-up

It's been too long, but I'm back with a tutorial to try to divert your attention from the fact that sometimes I'm a boring blogger. I'm sure you've noticed the adorable banner trend here in the blog-o-sphere. Loves it! I was trying to decide if I wanted to go with the pennant style or all doilies or felt or any of the other many options. So this is what my version turned out to be:

I made this banner for a very exciting reason - to use in our engagement pictures we took today! You can add this weekend to the list of huge blessings we've received through this whole wedding  process. We had more fun with Kevin Beasley, his artistic brain and wonderful heart, the beautiful weather and our homemade banner.

We also got to spend some time with the fam and register at Townsend House and Pewter Co. in Ruston where we had wonderful help with the whole [and sometimes overwhelming] registering process. Dustin was quite the trooper! If you are ever in the Ruston area, you should [definitely] pay these places a visit.

Aaand we got to see this cuteness all weekend:

Speaking of weddings, it's officially Natalie and Nathan's wedding week! Who's excited? THIS GIRL.


  1. so i love the banner, can't wait to see it in the engagement pics, such a cute idea!

    also, i was looking at your friend's wedding website (because i love to look at them..!) and i know the best man in the wedding... and i know him because he lives in Eau Claire, WI and i did younglife up here with his girlfriend...SMALL WORLD! :)

  2. moll - no way! that is crazy! i'll meet him tomorrow and be sure to make that connection!