friday happiness

Reminiscing on our wonderful Labor Day in Montgomery - snuggling Anna, laughing at all the funny things Audrey says, and celebrating Mims' birthday.

My first [of hopefully many] cake toppers for mom's cake!

I'm officially a nanny! I'm really looking forward to looking after three sweet little boys twice a week. Complete with car seats and preschool pick up! There is also a slight perspective florist apprenticeship. Still hoping and praying. And waiting - waiting is the hardest part.

A successful Pioneer Woman recipe. And by successful I mean D's favorite thing I've cooked since we've been married. Must have been a nice break from all of our quinoa and broccoli. Make it for a feel-good food kind of night [cause it ain't light].

A surprisingly nice JC Penney and really inexpensive favorite new shirt. Besides the neon and "leather" details, it's button down with camp sleeves. You know, my uniform.

This very exciting grand opening. I think I'll go back when there is a little less hype. Too many housewives with shopping buggies.

And, most importantly, an encouraging prospective church visit this Sunday. It is hard to be without this community, so we are continuing to pray for the Lord's direction while we search. And search and search and search. 

Happy Friday to you! I'm off to unpack our suitcase. From last weekend...


  1. Loveee homegoods I live near 2 of them! I can be there forever!

  2. We are so happy to have found you as our nanny!  I hope they didn't wear you out too much today.  :-)