apple picking

Unless I've been a terrible Googler for the last few years [which, lets be honest, is impossible after so much practice], there's not much apple picking to be done in South Louisiana. Plenty of other lovely varieties of fruit - yes. But not too many apples.
I loved everything about our day trip to Sky Top Orchard. The quick change from Carolina midlands to those pretty Carolina mountains, from palmettos to fall-colored hardwoods. The faded picking baskets. The acres and acres of low-limbed apple trees. And our armfuls of fresh cider, pumpkin whoopie pies, and lots [and lots] of apples. Not to mention that it was the perfect way to usher in boot-wearing weather. My favorite kind of weather.
It was a weekend spent falling more in love with this new home. Who knew apple picking could be so good for the soul?


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