my new favorite apps [part two]

With that unavoidable Spring rush coming, highlighted by having [finally and thankfully] joined a church, an exciting new opportunity with Fern Studio, several weekend trips for various weddings and showers and birthdays, and this little project of building a house, this pen and paper loyalist has finally gone digital. I didn't even purchase a 2013 planner, I'm ashamed to say.

A while back, I shared my overall favorite apps. Part two consists of those that just seem to make life a little easier.

Wunderlist: What I finally settled on after many other options including the iPhone's Notes and Reminders. I love a good check box!

Pocket: A place to store all those must-read-when-there's-time articles. Sounds like one of those things that you could just use Pinterest for, but it's not. Just trust me. And the tags are super helpful.

Mailbox: Obviously, I don't know if this actually will be helpful or not, but I've heard good things. Originally I predicted that'd I'd get through the line by 2017 seeing how I was number 149,798 a week ago. But it's picked up a little since then. Maybe this week is my week.

WedHappy: This is for you, brides-to-be, MOHs, and MOBs. I downloaded this after beginning to help my dear friend Mandy coordinate her wedding. The only down side is is that you have a limited number of custom tasks you can add before having to upgrade. If I was the bride and having to do all that her and her MOB are doing, you bet I'd be upgrading. It's simple and smart and I love how you can connect the vendors to your contacts. The easier to nag you with, my dear.

Simple Joys: Last but [obviously] not least is a new favorite devo app with daily excerpts from Piper books. I'm probably the last person to know about this, but, just in case, there you go. It is really great.

There you have it. But remember:

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  1. Hi! I'm Liz, the developer of WeddingHappy. I was just digging around Google for any new press/blog posts and discovered yours. I want to say thank you! I'm thrilled that you like our app. Please keep in touch! :)