Lottie Turns One

Our dear Lottie,

Today you are one. Everyone says it because everyone is right - it was the fastest and best year of my life. Except the "best" part doesn't seem quite right. Language fails to explain how good this year was because you were here in the middle of it, turning our lives upside down in the best possible way. How is it possible that a year with an above average amount of emotion and exhaustion and confusion can still be the best? Well, better than best. Like I said when you were this teeny tiny newborn, you split our hearts wide open and continue to do so. Sometimes I think if I run full speed into a very very hard wall then I just might be able to physically feel the amount of feels I have for you. [Anyone else? Just me?]

We have quickly turned into those totally obnoxious parents thanks to you. We hang on every new sound and discovery and dance move. Never did I ever think I'd be so excited to hear you say "bah bah" after I hold up the sheep puzzle piece. Granted, all the animals say "bah bah" at this point, but it totally counts girlfriend! Other than the obnoxious thing, you've taught us lots about ourselves and God's love for us. You've taught us to trust Him more, remembering that He loves you so much more than I ever could imagine. Though that doesn't stop me from peeking in at you every night to make sure you're breathing. I'm not sure how long that will last - 3 years old? 16ish?

Whether I'm watching you sleep or downing some steamed carrots in your high chair or playing in the living room, I imagine this big bright and sparkly and exciting life coiled up inside all your smallness. I know they'll be some rocky valleys where the Lord [I'm praying] will draw you nearer to Himself. But right now, sparkles [mixed with cheerio crust] are the vibe I'm getting from your precious one year old self. Regardless, I'm on the edge of my seat, watching it all unfold with every new discovery and word and milestone. We are so thankful for you and how you have changed everything about this wonderful life. We love you. You are better than best.

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