celebrate good times

I love to celebrate. Whether it's a big event or what seems to be an every day occurence, I choose to make a big deal out it. I see no reason not to. It could be a milestone birthday, a reuniting of friends, a good grade or a good haircut. Whatever it is, I bet it deserves a party. Or atleast a cake.

Lately, I'm happy to say that there have been lots of reasons to celebrate in the life of friends.
Reuniting of the foursome at Ruston's 102 Bistro was the highlight of a few days spent at home after camp. It had been eight months since we could look at one another's faces all at the same time. Four completely different summers. Still best friends.
We talked about the difficulties our friendship could face when we enter "the real world" with real schedules and no more month-long breaks. But we committed to grip the handles until our knuckles turn white and prepare for the sudden drop. We are all still changing. And saying my love for them comes all the way from my toes is not enough. It's deeper than that.

I learned of Natalie's engagement the day after camp ended. I am excited and in disbelief that we could be at a point in our lives where this is happening. It must be senior year! The best part of an engagement party is that it is the first of many times to get to celebrate Natalie and Nathan.

B is finally 21! Here's to a friend who deserves a celebration more like once a week than once a year. Who has been a part of every moment of this college journey. I love you, B!

What can you celebrate today?


  1. I love reading this because I feel like I am part of your daily life. I want to be part of your daily life:) love you deeply. always.

  2. today i celebrate the close of one door and hopefully the opening of another!
    and in 15 days hopefully celebrating seeing you!