At the last minute, i decided to make the trip home to visit with the fam. Because I was still in camp world for Audrey's birthday, we had a mini morning celebration complete with princess packaging. 
She's three. But if feels like this was, well, yesterday:

My old dollhouse made its way out of the attic. There's something cool about seeing your old toys. Especially those that you spent hours playing with. Nostalgia - I love it.
I also realized that I'm old and the wallpaper in my dollhouse is peeling off. I'll get over it.

I love those moments when I feel like my Southerner Points sky rocket. This morning, I woke up to my family sitting and swinging on our front porch, enjoying the surprisingly beautiful weather, waving at the neighbors as they drive by.

I revamped my trusty jorts. By the end of the summer, the button had fallen off and the safety pin just wasn't cutting it any more.

Going to the park with my fam and bestie. Wearing my jorts, of course.

What makes you feel Southern?

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