no recipes allowed

This Friday turned into a cook-without-recipes date night. I'm sharing because it was a surprising success!

You can add grocery shopping to the "Every day things I love doing with the boyfriend" list.

D got the recipe idea ball rolling by saying, "Can I shoot something up?" Love it. Translated into Top Chef lingo, that means injecting the meat with marinade before you cook it. In this case, Tony's creole butter marinade. Yes, please!

From there, we mainly used what was already sitting on the pantry shelves, picked a favorite cheese and stuffed it all in a pie crust.

This creation is currently nameless and suggestions are being accepted. Think creole...spicy...cheesey.

Bake at 450 degrees for about 10-15 minutes. And if you are like me and feel as though every meal needs dessert, keep the oven at the same temp and try this awesomely easy thing. And fall-ish, too!

The "cream cheese mixture" is just cream cheese (a little bit softened), sugar (I prefer brown) and cinnamon. Just taste as you go. "You can't hurt it," as the women in my family would say. Enjoy!

If you are uber sensitive to onions and cry your eyes out at the thought of them, then these are your new best friend.
They work. Promise. Check them out here.

As D always says (and teaches me) when he prays, "Thank you, Lord, for this food and the means to buy it."

And thank you, Lord, for taste buds!

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  1. D's prayer is better than Jon's (is it correct to say a prayer is better?). Regardless, Jon's is:
    "Dear Lord, Thank you for this food, don't let it kill us!" Perhaps, that harkens back to touring days, or time spent in 3rd world countries????"

    Love you, Meg!