fall fix

I'm a big believer in getting "the _______ experience." Take "the college experience" for example. Each person's definition of it can be completely different, but you know when you have achieved it. It's that moment when one event seals the deal, and you can graduate satisfied. Maybe it's a comforting mechanism which helps us to pass easily from one point in life to another without wondering if we missed anything. I don't want to miss anything.

It's only half way through the season, but I feel like my "Fall experience" meter is reaching the top. This is why:

#1: Rode rides at the fair (with the boy. oooo!)

#2: Admired Fall produce

#3: Watched a rodeo

#4: Carved pumpkins

#5: Dipped caramel apples

#6: Enjoyed a beautiful Saturday with the girls (and a Hannah Bonus!)

[#6.5: getting to wear hats and boots รก]

#7: Checked out a livestock show

Some pig! Charlotte's Web? Anyone?

#8: Played on hay bales

Tonight, I'll be able to add a ninth reason: having a Halloween party! Pictures soon. 

What completes your Fall experience? 

1 comment:

  1. Some pig! oh totally got that reference.

    falling in love with fall, for sure. so happy to have experienced it with you for the fourth time in a row.