For my four years of college, the LSU BCM has been my home away from home. It is where I met my future mister and four of my beloved bridesmaids. This year has definitely been...different. This big girl job has meant less time for hanging around the B, less time working on projects, less, well, people-time. Some of us seniors have talked about the bittersweetness that comes when we realize our time there is nearing its end and the young faces are out-numbering the familiar ones. In this case, the sweetness of those youngins greatly shadow any hint of bitterness because we know that we were a part of God's plan for that ministry. Because of a sovereign and busy God, we've gotten to see this ministry grow and develop, and we will leave it better than we found it [praise the Lord].

On a side note, it is pretty fabulous to think that, almost four years ago, it all started right here:

So thank you, Lord, for this post-Christmas break reunion time at the B. And for the reminder to finish strong. Our time there is not yet up!

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