a couple of requests

This little blog has about its 87th new look in the last two weeks, and I think I'm finally satisfied. Since I live with a precious engineer who thinks everything "looks great, Babe," I'd be greatly appreciative of your feedback. Positive or not.

Not to make too many requests for a Monday morning, but my nerves would gladly welcome your prayers. I'm finally prepared to give some florist shops my resumé along with my "I know you're not hiring but...I have a dream?" spiel. I'm nearly dreading it, but thankfully determination is still currently winning. I considered not sharing until there was [hopefully] a happy ending. But whether there is or not, I know there is purpose in the journey.

I think I'll go get ready now so that I won't give into all of my totally legitimate excuses like laundry or plant watering. Or that 20% chance of rain.


  1. hello friend, hope all is going well! what program did you use to make such an adorable resume? 

  2.  Hi there! I used MS Word. I download fonts from dafont.com and the banners I made by combing different shapes. It helps to start with one of their templates and customize it from there. Let me know if I can help any more!