beach trip

From four different states, we brought with us countless memories and shared experiences that are bound to be relived: tinders waiting to be ignited by a mentioned memory or the tone of a voice or a familiar look.

Our trip reminded me of the goodness of quick vacations with your girlfriends. It's good because we get to live life together in a way that we don't normally get to share: pouring cereal next to one another, grocery shopping, taking naps on neighboring sofas, cooking dinner for multiple nights in a row, laughing until everything hurts. It's good because we get to hear those family and life and work updates all at once and face to face without several rounds of phone tag.

I like to think that we'll add this trip to the books. That we will one day talk about these soon vague memories and try to remember which trip that was - 2009? 2012? 2017? - and how we can't believe it's been fifteen years since that trip to Panama City Beach. That year that we watched countless hours of Olympics, ate lots of late-night frozen yogurt, and continued to face the growing changes headed our way all within our lovely floral wallpapered walls. And when we do, I'll be glad, as I always am, that we're still friends.

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  1. The friendship that you four share is so beautiful! Glad I am able to witness it and call you four my friends as well! Love you!