christmas on king street

When it comes to Christmas decorations, I can completely lose my mind in aisles and aisles worth of glitter. Over the years, I've learned that I regret when I over-sparkle, but this can only be realized outside of the glitz trance.

Put down the 40% off Hobby Lobby coupon and walk to your car.

It's hard, y'all.

But by combining a little bit of glitter, D's rustic preferences, and yearly Shiny Brites from my mom, I think we've come out with a good balance this year.

The only things we actually purchased were a tree, a giant roll of brown paper, a little extra ribbon, a rosemary topiary, and two $5 fresh garlands at Lowes' Black Friday sale. But the most important part of our decorations this year was the trunk load worth of free tree clippings. After making a wreath and a swag, I shoved them in containers until I ran out of surfaces to put them on!

By the Christmas tree with a book is absolutely my favorite place to be, and, if you need me, you can find me there soaking it up before our Christmas in Louisiana tour begins.

Which I'll gladly say SAYONARA to our pretty little tree for the sake of Christmas at the moms' houses. Though I may combust from pure excitement before that happens.

Merry Official Christmas Season!

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