interior design, bad photos, and a sore elbow

Sunday was the best day.

D and I met Brandon, Molly, and the girls in the picturesque Senoia, Georgia [supposedly pronounced like suh-noy]. The little town is not only a great meeting place between Montgomery and Columbia, it is filled with beautiful historical homes, surprisingly great antique and gift shops, and the 2012 Southern Living Idea House. This being SL's first year to do a historical renovation instead of actually building the house, it felt like we were on a pilgrimage to the ultimate southern and antique interior design inspiration center of the world. Too dramatic?

Regardless, it was awesome. PLUS, I got to hold Anna nearly the entire time which is where the bad photos and sore elbow comes in. I was holding our little chunky monkey with one arm and trying to take pictures with the other. The good news is that I can finally straighten my elbow today. It was all very worth it.

I wanted to share a few of my [shaky] pictures of details you may not be able to see on their website.

[Ok, not a few. A lot.]

Being with M&B, loving on our nieces, and soaking up all kinds of ideas before this house-building venture made for the very best Sunday. If you're even decently near in the next week, I suggest you have your own little pilgrimage and make a visit!

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