wedding wednesday: break time

I've got to stop running after-work wedding errands in my heels. The feet are tired. The brain is tired too. I feel like it's one of those fast-pace news tickers you see in Times Square. Except instead of current world events, mine is full of words like "tablecloths" and "wedding jewelry" and "thank you notes." 

I'm headed to Ruston again this weekend sans fiancĂ©. Which is always a bummer, but he's staying here to stay true to his hard-working-and-providing-self. Ok. Enough bragging. 

We're taking the night off tomorrow from planning for a little together time. That got me thinking about movies. And since everything I think about falls under the heading of "wedding," I was thinking about my favorite wedding movies. Maybe I can talk him into one of these from my all-time favorite list. 

8. The Proposal

7. Sweet Home Alabama

6. 27 Dresses

5. Seven Brides for Seven Brothers

4. The Wedding Planner

3. Runaway Bride

2. Steel Magnolias [When I was little, I remember watching this on a Saturday afternoon and making my dad rewind it a million times so that I could watch the ceremony over and over again. The love affair started young.]
P.S. Sorry about those annoying words on the video.

1. Father of the Bride

Take a break [even if your wedding is officially one month away like OURS] and watch a wedding movie. Trust me, there is no greater type. 

Mom and Dad - y'all take a break too, OK?

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  1. I loooove most of the movies you listed but I realized I never seen runaway bride. Will put it on my to watch list. Good luck with all the wedding errands!