wedding wednesday: what if

I thought you might be a little tired of lace, mercury glass, and lots of ruffliness. And, though it's everything I love an more, I want to offer some well-rounded inspiration for y'all. 

I've always been a person who knows what they like. So, don't worry Mom, this post has nothing to do with me wishing I we had planned something totally different. Because our plan is everything I've ever wanted. It's simply, "What if..." Just for fun. Promise!

What if I wasn't set on getting married in my home church?

I'd find the nearest and prettiest library and nestle some chairs between tall, dark-stained shelves that are filled with lots of good-smelling books: 

What if I wasn't obsessed with all things vintage?

I'd go for a somewhat-modern wedding cake like this one:

What if I wanted a destination wedding?

I'd want a small wedding in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico with my husband in the foreground and Castillo de San Cristobal - a Spanish fort built right by the water in 1783. Who knew something used for such practical reasons could be so beautiful? I spent one of my favorite evenings here with a mission team. Actually, the photo I used for my blog header was taken while standing next to one of the walls. I'm going to stop attempting to explaining it, because it's beauty can't be put into words!

What if I didn't love muted colors?

I just love this:

What if I wanted to show off my legs?

Maybe I'll just go ahead and order this for our vowel renewal. Kidding. Totally kidding. 

What if I braved the outdoors?

I would attempt to 100% recreate this beauty:

Do you like any of this? If you're getting married, can I plan it for you? I can't be done with wedding world after this wedding season is over. I can't be done with wedding world EVER.

P.S. Thanks for playing along with what turned out to look like me interviewing myself.

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  1. funny story the girl in that picture in Puerto Rico is a close friend of mine's sister ha gorgeous wedding!