the honeymoon revisited: part one

After so much wedding enjoyment, it almost seems unfair to get to honeymoon. I'm not complaining or anything. It's just that it was almost too good to be true.
We stayed the night at the Baer Inn in Vicksburg, Mississippi. And when I say we stayed the night, that's exactly what I mean. Got there around 12:30 and hit the road 7 hours later. Nevertheless, it comes highly recommended. You know my affinity for comfy beds and good food surrounded by old lovelies!
I must admit, I was a little cruise-skeptical. Though I didn't have much time to think about it thanks to the wedding buzz, I wondered if it was going to be over-saturated, cheesy, and filled with crew members trying to persuade me to do karaoke on the lido deck. [Moment of truth - it just took me several tries to spell karaoke before I got it close enough for Google to recognize.] This, of course, would be a pretty big disappointment since I have this selfish wish that the Titanic had never sunk so I could sail on it and experience all its charm. Let me say, the Norwegian Spirit nearly satisfied that desire. From the majesty of the ship itself to the the shiny hardwood features to the walloping windows in the main dining room surrounded by fabric covered walls - it was better than imagined.
Boarding could not have been easier. One of the Norwegian employees even told us "congratulations!" without us telling him that we were newlyweds. Good to know that our honeymooners' glow was seriously undeniable. Before our stateroom was ready, we grabbed lunch in that pretty dining room I mentioned earlier. We were obviously cruise novices seeing how we weren't aware that we each get to order a starter and we got up and left before dessert. Crazy look from our waiter. Now we know. Even sans-dessert, it was love at first bite. Steak for lunch seemed like an appropriate way to start this gorging-of-a-trip. Why the heck not?
We did break a cardinal cruise rule by skipping lunch one day. But we made up for it by taking advantage of the late night pizza delivery, ordering multiple starters, too-big-to-be-called-a-snack afternoon snacks, and nearly killing ourselves on the Chocoholic Buffet. Dainty little eaters, we were. See, the thing is, eating was just so much fun on the ship! We were seated at tables with crisp, white clothes where they pull comfy chairs out for you, put your napkin in your lap, hand you your menu and remove any tableware you don't require. Charming. Even more than that, your in this atmosphere filled with candlelight, soft music, and that wonderful dish-clanking sound of a great restaurant - every night for seven days!
Ok. Don't want to bore with an extensive vacation dialogue. Part One ends now. Of course I blogged about food first. 

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  1. Come to think of it, why haven't we had a Chocolate Party?? Seriously?
    Crusing looks totally glam. As do both of you in your pictures!