anna morgan

Meet the new love of my life.

She, like her sister, is an early bird. She was born at 2:15 AM. An hour and forty-five minutes after I got the call that they were headed to the hospital. Three hours and forty-five minutes before I would make it to Montgomery.

When I did make it, the most beautiful and saturated pink sunrise was strutting its stuff in celebration of Miss Anna's arrival. Or at least I like to think so. I did that still-trying-to-be-lady-like run through the hospital lobby until I found the delivery room whose hall was buzzing with plenty of other nurses and excited family members. Being the baby of the family, there is something extra exciting about births. About knowing someone from their very first breath. Especially someone you know you'll remain close to. I mean, I'm already crying dreaming about Audrey and Anna's wedding days.

Meeting that 8 lbs. and 14 oz. of perfection was no different!


Among the four of us (which is now eight!) we've joked about how you'd think my parents had 12 children instead of 2 because of the way huge life events seem to overlap one another. Audrey was due the day I began college. As in, my first college class ever. Kind of a big deal, I guess. She came early. Actually, Molly was sent to the hospital as soon as I picked up my very first bag to pack for the big move. Thankfully, my incredible best friends kept my house key and finished my packing while we were gone. With little Miss Anna, she decided to enter the world just a day and a half after D and I had driven into this brand new state and began to settle into our new home. Needless to say, it makes things much more exciting for our little fam!

What I know to be true of all those crisscrossing life events is the evidence of the Lord's graciousness. If Audrey had come on her due date, there's no way I could have been there. It may have been labor day until I met that beauty. If Anna had been a week earlier, we may have been wrapped up in graduation or our farewell party or some other unpredictable event. This time, I was able to stay through the weekend while D was at a wedding back in Louisiana which meant spending more time with all the girls and not having to stay in our house by myself. It's amazing and hysterical and unbelievable. And undoubtedly beautiful.

Next time? Who knows. Molly and I will probably go into labor at the exact. same. time.

Just kidding, Mom!


  1. She's beautiful!!!!!

  2. As you well know, God makes things happen when He knows the time is right.  Thank you very much for sharing these beautiful pictures and give Molly a big  hello and love from me.