exploring charleston

On Saturday, we started taking advantage of all the great cities we now live near with Charleston being our first pick. After a locally grown brunch at the Glass Onion [Carolinians ingeniously do brunch all day on Saturdays], we tapped into our inner history nerd and headed out to where the Civil War began.

Fort Sumter
Did you know Prince Charles was a Confederate Soldier? I had no idea.
I married a very thorough plaque reader.

It was cool and old and hot. But especially hot.

Back on land, we took ourselves on a walking tour of Charleston's most historic [and most beautiful] neighborhood. With every step, there was another charming detail - iron gates, secret gardens, adorable house numbers, beautiful columns. And a few For Sale signs. We may be moving soon.

Rainbow Row

While we were walking, I told D that we should pretend we were Rhett and Scarlett strolling the streets and waiving to each passerby. He got so excited. Totally loved that idea.

Just kidding. I think he may have smiled and nodded.

The man who owned this bank was a blockade runner and the inspiration for Rhett Butler's character.

While I was looking super touristy trying to get a picture of the infamous rainbow row, we met our new friend Mr. Davenport. As he was locking his front door and walking to his car, asked us where we were from and suggested we head to the Marina Variety Store for dinner. Seeing as how he eats there every morning before work, we thought him a good reference. Talking to him was the icing on top of a perfectly charming, perfectly hospitable, perfectly Charleston day.

We ended our day trip with fresh seafood, a sunset in the marina, and a little sea dreaming.

Proof that I was actually there.

I absolutely can't wait to go back. M and J - next time we're calling y'all!

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  1. JeremyMicaela BrokawJune 26, 2012 at 10:26 AM

    Absolutely! So glad y'all had a wonderful time! Y'all are adorable and we look forward to your next Charleston trip!