wheelin' and dealin': you should go to Loft today

I'm currently luring my dear old computer into uploading the bagillions of photos I took of Miss Anna Morgan Stone. A much deserved and belated post is coming ASAP. I blame it on all these cardboard boxes. And my elderly hard drive.

Just in case you find yourself out shopping with you mom or sister [which I would be jealous of] or your girlfriends [which I would also be jealous of], swing by the Loft. On Thursday, I took the morning off from packing tape and the monstrous pile of packing paper that is currently filling up our entire porch and checked out one of Columbia's malls. At Ann Taylor Loft, everything on sale was an additional 50% off and there were some of those wonderful final sale items as well.

I came home with a few great summer shirts and this skirt that I've been pining for ever since I laid eyes on it.

Mine for $22! And its a tall. Can you believe that?

Two things that made me extra excited about this: 1) My in-dressing room calculations were actually more than the actually total [that never happens] and 2) my amount saved was more than my amount spent! One thousand and three cheers for summer savings!

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