it's a feeling

I am determined to not waste a day of Christmas merriment - even in the midst of finals week. We only get one Christmas season a year, right? Though I have thought about petitioning for it to be a semi-annual event. I love it just that much.

The only way I know how to explain this time of year is that it makes me feel sparkly. Did you know sparkly was a feeling? Not literally, though I am constantly covered in glitter due to the great amount of decorating that has taken place lately. If I wasn't cramming, I mean studying, I would dig down into the pit of my emotions and attempt to better explain what I mean. I know it has something to do with love and smiles and family and the pure joy that comes from dwelling on the fact that this season celebrates a sweet baby who grew into a Savior-in-the-flesh. But as for now, we'll just stick with sparkly. It's beautiful that this season, being the coldest of the four, brings you the most warmth. Where does that warmth come from? Here are some things that have made my Christmas season more warm and sparkly so far.

Decorating the Governor's Christmas tree

Trekking to downtown Baton Rouge for the Festival of Lights with friends

Sights such as this one

Revving up the Christmas spirit with the roomies in 1301

A very merry First Week of December 5th to you!

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