warning: it's a squishy, lovey post

I'm in Ruston for a spell. I made a quick trip home for florists appointments, my best friend's birthday and taking my grandmother Christmas shopping. Which, I must say, have all been a blast!

Dustin (post-flu) is working hard back in Baton Rouge. I'm headed back his way on Sunday morning. We were planning our play-by-play for last-minute Sunday afternoon Christmas shopping. You see, it's gotta happen quick because he is taking me to the Nutcracker at 6! I'm beyond excited. It's been several years since I've been to the ballet. I was doing my best to explain what it was like in an optimistic kind of way. Honestly, I just really hope he's not bored to tears. For his sake. His response is what inspired this late night post. He said, in a funny-yet-serious way...

"Meg, we could be watching someone throw corn in the air, and I'd love it because we were watching it together."

How am I this blessed? I pray his love and selflessness nestle themselves deeply into the traits of this future Jenkins family.

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