let it begin!

I made a knot account. It says I have 364 items on my wedding to do list. Sound stressful? No. For me, that's 364 items of pure bliss!

Expect a plethora of wedding DIY project posts (peppered with lot-o-Christmas celebrating for the time being).

I asked my [loveliest] bridesmaids by picking out an ornament that I thought fit them. Tied on with a strip of lace is a stamped tag with a note on the back asking each one to be a part of our big day!

Molly helped me in picking out one of my dream purchases. My wedding planning book! Once I brought it home, it was staring at me - this blank slate of a cover. So I had to add some personal touches. Just a little linen, ink, and stitching.

Now, this is much more exciting. I made a wreath for one my dearest friends, Becca. "Why?" you ask. Because Chad proposed to B last night! We are, officially, in weddingland!

Thanks for taking a gander. Expect more soon!

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