when the world falls in love

All Christmas-celebrating so has been, well, delightful. The Nutcracker was beautiful [don't worry, the fiance wasn't miserable, though possibly disturbed by the male dancers' attire]. We had a great night with our little Baton Rouge family, complete with great food [standard] and reindeer antlers. I had a little taste of glamour while greeting and chatting at the Governor's Christmas party followed by gift-wrapping extravaganza with D.

The three bests were at the house when I [finally] arrived home for the holidays. We spent part of the evening trading clothes and makeup and beauty products. You know you're friends when you no longer need to ask to borrow. I never imagined that seeing one of them digging through my makeup bag and the other thumbing through my closet would be such a heart-warming sight. The rest of the night was spent partly crying into my yummy pasta after reading Abs' Christmas letter to each of us and driving around our hometown looking at [judging] outdoor Christmas lights.

The last 24 hours has been filled with seeing faces that my eyes have missed. Molly, Brandon and Audrey completed the family and made it feel like Christmas had officially begun when they pulled up in the driveway. Soon after, I had a quick but sweet visit with Shauna. I could handle this every-two-months thing. We agreed that it's now my turn to make my way out West. This morning consisted being woken up by a beautiful three-year-old, followed by a little quality snuggle time.

And now our house is filled with the beautiful sounds of holiday buzzing while all are getting prepared to execute those yearly traditions. It really is the most wonderful time of the year!

Here's to a Very Merry Christmas to each and every one of you!

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