done and done

This afternoon, Dustin and his three teammates will present their senior design project. A project full of nine months worth of sweat and steel and brain cells and sleepless nights. This morning, over our very rare breakfast of homemade waffles, I felt as though I couldn't tell him enough how proud I was of how he has balanced so many responsibilities and accomplished this seemingly impossible [to me] project. But it's done! And it's incredible!

Since I know that he has done his very best, I want him to feel such a sense of accomplishment and relief and completion. So if you think of him around 2 o'clock this afternoon [or right now, of course] please pray for calm nerves, clear speech, good communication among their team, no technical difficulties, and favor in the eyes of the [purposefully] critical panel. We appreciate it more than you'll ever know!

P.S. Yes, this means we might actually get to see one another in the evenings! So incredibly exciting!

P.S.S. Some people have asked me what this is exactly. [I think] it is a model of a soot blower used in Georgia Pacific's mills which their group has built [from scratch] to be able to simulate common failures on command so that GP can use it as a tool to train the operators. I think. It took me nine months just to learn how to describe the thing. 

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