lunch for moms [and some coon too]

When it comes to gifts, my mom and grandmothers are always saying that they don't need anything or don't want anything or are just happy to have us home. Well, I'm sure that's true. But everybody's got to eat, right? RIGHT. For Mother's Day, Pops and I (who I lovingly referred to as my sous chef) put together a pretty ladies luncheon for our ever-so deserving moms. Who doesn't love a little lace, flowers, stemware, and silver?

Pre-church breakfast which we ate in my mom's ginormous cloud of a bed. I shamelessly stole the skewer idea from Pinterest.
Recipes below!
My new go-to cake. It was that good.
It seemed like dinner was a hit! They thanked me for a break from butter beans and chicken and cornbread which, as we know, can never ever ever be replaced. Its like going on vacation. You always have to come home. And home is fried chicken.

Mother's Day Lunch Recipes:
Strawberry Salad [don't skimp on the fresh basil]
Pimento Cheese Scones [next time I'll use half of the salt]
Asparagus with a Balsamic Reduction
Roasted Corn Grits
Almond Sheet Cake [I can still taste this]

Our other but completely unrelated excitement for the weekend was waking up to these babies on Friday morning:
At first we spotted one. And then two.
And then three more!
I wanted to keep every last one of them. I bet they had a proud mama on Mother's Day. I mean, look at those adorable faces! We'll add "baby animal siting" to the list of reasons why I love visiting my hometown.

And fried chicken.


  1. Meghan, you make me so happy with your blogs.  I love being able to follow you all as you start your "real" grown up life and the adventures you encounter along the way.  And now wonderful recipes.  I am making the almond sheet cake as I type this.  My kitchen smells delicious and I will serve it at my luncheon bistro tomorrow.  Keep us posted.

  2. WOw Wow wow talk about fabulous details at your lunch! The table looks beautiful!

  3. Hello my favorite caterer! I'm so honored to even suggest a recipe to you! Hope it turned out great :)