mother's day gift giving

The other night, D and I had a conversation on how interesting it was to him that I thought about upcoming holidays and occasions where we would want to purchase gifts so far ahead of time. I didn't think a couple weeks before Mother's Day was all that early. I also didn't tell him that I'm already toiling over what to do for Daddy's big 6-0 in January. I think it best to ease him into the Crazy Land portion of my brain as slowly as possible.

As we know, I'm a fan of the gift thing. Some would call it a love language. I would agree. For this fabulous Friday, I leave you with a little mom-gift inspiration:

[bracelet, pajama pants, soap dish with soap, photo mugs, dish towel, garden tools]

P.S. D and his group received constructive criticism, lots of "good jobs," and a solid round of applause! Thank you to those who have prayed for that seemingly impossible mountain of a project. We could never express our gratitude!

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