i'll love ya, tomorrow!

So this is happening tomorrow...

It will be a diploma earned by blood, sweat, and tears. And I mean that literally. I feel privileged to have always been surrounded by friends and family who accomplish great things and reach incredible goals that leave me beaming with pride. But I have never been so proud of a person in my entire life. And I am so honored to call that person my husband! I really am going to do my best to hold it together. But we all know how great I am at that.

In knowing what D would enjoy and in the wake of a multi-state move, I really am doing my best to keep this graduation partying as simple as possible. But oh my goodness I cannot wait to par-tay!

[banner, cookie, water, caps, punch, diplomas]

On a slightly more serious note, I encourage you to check out Shauna Niequist's commencement speech. A favorite [and applicable] line:

If you are a graduate, I hope you eat two slices of cake. I hope you throw your mortarboard the very highest. And I hope, even though you feel lost in a sea of equally unflattering graduation robes, that you know you have achieved a rare and celebratory and ever-so-difficult goal. My sincerest congratulations.

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