...and grow vegetables in the dirt!

I'd first like to take a moment to thank the City of Columbia for the warm welcome. And by warm welcome I mean a record heat index of 115 degrees.

So, on Saturday, we did what any normal people would do: ran errands in a dark-colored car and worked in the yard.

But finishing my long-wished-for project was well worth braving the heat.

I do realize that herbs are not vegetables [right?], but I had to work in that line from my favorite movie. A sprig of rosemary to anyone who knows it! If you know the rest of the line, I'm pretty sure I went to Publix with potting soil on my dress. And my face. That should count as "ugly clothes."

Just in case you have planting plans too, this video from The Kitchn was incredibly helpful to this clueless gardener.

Come visit for some basil pesto, mint tea, and rosemary bread! After all, "...we're supposed to wear funny looking hats and ugly clothes and grow vegetables in the dirt."


  1. If you like oregano, it is VERY hardy.  Mine has lasted through a couple winters.  Just needs water during the dry times.  Basil was a surprise because I thought it was a sensitive, picky plant--but it does quite well outside if you keep it watered when needed.  However, I discovered (at least for me) that cilantro doesn't tolerate heat well.  Save some seeds and keep replanting!!

  2. I leave my rosemary on the deck year-round, it does fine!