fort jackson to ruston

A pretend weekend on a Wednesday is just about the best mid-week gift there is. D and I made the most of those extra 24 hours with cooking lots of food [and eating lots of food]. I made my first peach cobbler which makes me feel as though I am a true Southern, Ruston girl.

With three ziplocks full of watermelon and several jars full of iced tea, we discovered that military bases are the places to go for a firework show. Not to mention the fifty cannon solute to each state during which we proudly hollered as they announced the Pelican State [and then discussed how we thought it should be called the Bayou State instead].

The next morning, I packed up and headed to Alabama to pick up these cuties...

The big sister and I made the trip to Mom's house where we're doing lots of baby-snuggling, genealogy-digging, and good-food-eating. And by good food I mean tomato pie, pimento cheese, and Texas sheet cake. More on all of that later [and by more I mean recipes].

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