house projects: nothing a little paint can't fix

In between flower shop dreams and resume tweaking and box unpacking, I've had some time for a little paint therapy. Even painting a big black box on an old door is a nice brain break from the to-do lists.

My parents found this headboard at an estate sale where it was kind of plain and an icky brown. I picked up an ornamental raw wood piece and attached it with wood glue to the top. Ignore the fact that it's the tiniest bit too big for the space. I loved it too much to let that bother me. D rigged up the base so that it'd be taller [love a man that can rig], and I painted it with a light french grey that I expected to be a little darker.

In the spirit of parental finds, my dad practically plundered [legally, that is] a house being torn down which their church had purchased. He handed down one of the many doors which I decided to turn into a kitchen chalkboard. Not terribly original - but definitely usable!

Three cheers for my parents and their awesome estate sale skills!

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  1. Oh wow what a big difference with your headboard...I hate painting but I plan to paint things once we have our home