valentine wishes

Here are a few lovelies that land at the top of my valentine inspiration list.

1. ban.do heart shoe clips. has sequins? must love it.
2. sweetheart tree necklace by lisa leonard designs. one of the many treasures on her site.
3. anything made out of mercury glass. especially this beautiful pink votive from anthro.
4. lacy and whimsical with a black ribbon? yes, please. via modcloth.
5. ban.do love barrette. words in my hair. why didn't i think of that?
6. red velvet cupcakes. a valentines must-have.
7. peonies. if i could, i'd keep fresh ones on every surface of my home at all times. they are the perfect flower.
8. any and all things BHLDN. it premiers tomorrow. I CAN HARDLY WAIT.
9. my favorite etsy art find to date by petek design.


  1. Thank you so much for featuring my Spooning print!
    It's an honor to be in your list!
    Happy Valentine's Day!!!

  2. Peonies are SOOO pretty!! I love the delicate look they have but so pretty...cute post!

    The Smith Circle

  3. You are so welcome! It is definitely on the top of my must-have list when we move after the wedding!

    And thank you, Diana! So glad you stopped by...I love new faces!