I'm a fan of chivalry. My dad still opens every door and car door for my mom. My grandfather, once a strapping Marine but now a somewhat frail 91-year-old, won't let a woman open a door if he can help it. Even if it's not his easiest task. And I think it's awesome. Call me old fashion or behind-the-times, but I like it. And that's a big deal for this i-n-d-e-p-e-n-d-e-n-t girl.

Today at the capitol, a nine-to-fiver held the door open for me. And a suited man held the shiny copper elevator door. And it's true that that's not too much of a shocker here in the Deep South.

But you know what's really great? It's when someone glances over their sholder, sees that you are a socially acceptable distance away for them not to have to hold that door open but holds it anyway. They don't ruin the gesture by acting slightly impatient. And when you pick it up to a slight jog to get their faster (and to cut down on the awkward I'm-walking-towards-this-stranger-holding-the-door-open-for-me time), they tell you to not hurry. Maybe because they don't want to have to spend more of their day hauling me to the emergency room after a dangerous combination of marble floors, high heels and running takes its toll. Or maybe it's because they are a beautifully subtle example of putting other's needs over their own. And though their job (and therefore the majority of their time) might be more focused on phone calls and messenger mail instead of feeding the hungry, they are still able to give of themselves. I should learn from them.

And I bet it has something to do with their mama raising them right. Right being relative, of course.

This kind fella that held the door despite my location outside the socially acceptable distance to let it casually shut behind him, went a little further to make some small talk and commented on the weather. Which, if you didn't know, rocked the lives of Baton Rouge residents today. Rain? No. Tornado? Nope. The coldest wind I've ever felt in South Louisiana? OH YEA.

Sorry Punxsutawney Phil, looks like your long awaited non-shadow-sighting is a miscalculation. There's no way winter is over here. Or anywhere else in the country, obviously.

Winter returns to Deep SouthThe roommates are currently refreshing their email every three seconds to see if LSU has cancelled class for tomorrow. Just give us kids who normally where shorts in March one snow day, will ya?

I'm not too much of a snow expert, but these clouds look snowy, don't you think?

Oh yea. There's totally snow there.

Go get yourself an awesome mug, a chunky sweater, and a snuggle buddy.

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