date night

Here's a little documentation of a very fun and much needed date night with D.

Neither having had Indian food before, we gave India's Restaraunt a try. For you BR dwellers, it's on Essen near I-10. And, yes, I just had to check Google maps to make sure that was correct. Lived here for four years. No big deal.

Anyway, it was dee-lish! I don't really know what I ate, but I can tell you that it was goooood. And as a bonus, the people were wonderful - so kind and patient with us when we were too slow to pronounce anything on the menu. I know it's just a local restaraunt, but, as we were sitting there, it reminded me of several things. It reminded me that our God is global. It reminded me that we don't feel called to stay here, and that I need to be intentionally praying for the Lord's direction. The best part of dinner were D's words when thanking God for the yum-o food. When he asked that we may, if it is His will, experience this food in it's native land one day because He has brought us there to love on His people in India. Lord, send us!

After we had our fill of yummy things covered in Indian spices, we wandered around Dillards. Well, it wasn't really wandering. More like scouting. Got to get some ideas before we lauch in to wedding registering! Which, by the way, is just going to be way too much fun.

I was the crazy girl with the camera in the department store. But it was a blast. And now it's back-to-studying for those four test coming up this week. Oh graduation, where are you?

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