finders keepers

Since the capitol was a ghost town thanks to below-freezing temperatures, my awesome boss man let me leave. I headed to the mall to pick out something for Nat off her registry. That was successful and quicker than expected so wandered into one of my favorite clothing sections. You see, I had absolutely no intention of buying anything for myself.

And then I got the vibe.

Do you know what I'm talking about? I think it may be genetic because my mom, my sister and I can all walk into a store and know if there is something we like in there or not. I'm real sorry if you weren't born with that. Guess you can't have it all. Like us - we obviously traded in a fast metabolism for this inherited gift.

Anyway - a combination of my good shopping vibe and big, red sale signs led me to my new favorite article of clothing. Check it out:

Doesn't it just make you want to snuggle?

I gotta say, this whole taking pictures of myself thing was pretty awkward. And these are the only two decent ones in the bunch. I'm thinking it'll just take a little practice.

But I don't know if Ram will get used to it. This is her, "Why are you taking pictures of yourself in the blistering cold" face:

That little bit of shiny hanging around my neck is a birthday gift from Meg [Ram's mama].

Oh yea. The new last name. I figured, since we're engaged, it'd be ok to go ahead and break out the J initial. It's not like I'm scribbling "Meagan Jenkins" all over my binder.

Just in the margins of my notes.

Needing these 183 days to FLY.

Happy snowy day!