wedding inspiration

I realized that I've never shared the inspiration board I made for our wedding. Which, by the way, is 178 days away! That's 177 days too long. But we know the Lord is teaching us and preparing us in this time. His work is evident!

Aaand sometimes lengthy.

Anyway, preparation for the wedding is immensely less important than preparing for marriage, but I am certainly enjoying it. The pre-August 6th to-do list is long, and I love every checked and unchecked box on that list! I'm a planner, can ya tell??

Here's the overall look for the big day. Everything I put on here makes my vintage-loving heart beat fast!

[click to enlarge]

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  1. Meg, message me your email address soon, please:) jada@lakesidecf.com

    I was on your FB this a.m., but now it is gone. Not sure if you got my private message.

    Love ya,