DIY-ing together

Last night, Caitlyn hosted a girls craft night. It was all things girly and the perfect reason to get together, if you ask me. As the modge podge and embroidery floss flew, so did the shared stories, unexpected connections, and really awesome snacking.

The night saw the creation of everything from yarn wreaths to wrap necklaces to silhouette creations to deck of cards valentines to salt dough jewelry.

I dreamed up a little embroidery project with part of one of D's favorite Bible verses. It was super easy. I used a water and air soluble marker to draw my design and the good ol' back stitch. For future reference, the marker functions much like an disappearing ink pen that you get for selling the most magazines in your class or that comes in a detective toy set. This means that I should not draw the design the night before and expect it to be there 24 hours later. Lesson learned, disappearing marker. Lesson learned.

We ended the night with a little Center Stage. Could it get more [girly and] perfect?

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