the governor's inauguration

 I'm happy to say that I'm very glad we decided to attend Governor Jindal's inauguration events. It was well worth the tux rental and squeezing into a bridesmaid's dress. [How in the world did that thing shrink so much since March?!]

Side note: I did my hair from a tutorial found here. I don't consider myself good with hair at all, but this was so easy, and I was so happy with how it turned out! I put my hair in tight, smaller curlers for a long time instead of using a curling iron. Mainly because I'm completely incapable of using one. It even stayed after dancing and chatting in a warm room and exposure to our unusually warm January evening. 

We enjoyed the general splendor and clinking of glasses and historical speeches and the yummy food served by waiters on modern white treys. What girl doesn't like dancing in a long dress with a cute guy in a tux? And a special thanks to my wonderful friend, Meg Hope, for lending me a piece of Mignon Faget that I'd never possess on my own.

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