my husband is having a birthday

Did you know? Today is my Dustin's birthday!

Happy birthday to my [still] new husband who I just love a whole whole lot.
Happy birthday to the guy who refuses wear sandals [except Chacos] just in case he needs to fight off or chase down a bad guy.
Happy birthday to my incredibly hard worker and faithful project finisher. I think he actually likes cleaning sometimes. And I know he likes fixing and building things.
Happy birthday to my other half who is far from perfect [hey, me too] but always speaks and acts above reproach.
Happy birthday to the boyfriend, fiance, and husband who is stubborn strong enough to not let me dictate what he should wear. I really am glad for this. In a world full of trying-to-hard [myself included sometimes], I think it may be completely impossible for him to be anyone but himself. Which is wonderful.
Happy birthday to the man who taught me the words to all his favorite Chicago [the band, not the movie] songs.
Happy birthday to the person who has shown me the most grace in my lifetime, who has made me feel inconceivably loved, and who teaches me a lot about Jesus. My tender heart is thankful.
And happy birthday to the guy with the really awesome arm muscles [too much?].

Here's to celebrating 24 more years of life! And 24 more years after that. And, maybe, 24 more years after that?

After all, he is my favorite life to celebrate.


  1. I love this so much. Too sweet, too sweet :)

  2. Thanks, Blake! Sounds like we have a shared love for country boys :)