wheelin' and dealin': pottery barn-esque ribbon

Hi y'all. It's been five days. How did that happen? If the writing inspo doesn't flow, the writing doesn't happen. But that little dry spell is over, and I've got myself an idea list.

And some [big] news that I'd really like to share with you. That's tomorrow.

But for today, check out this awesome buy from Hobby Lobby. I was actually shopping for a denim patch to repair the gaping hole in the part of my jeggings where holes shouldn't be allowed. Anyway, I spotted this, had a moment of blackout from disbelief when I realized what a good price it was, and then snatched it from the shelf as if someone was going to come wrestle it from me.

I saw some nearly-identical ribbon like this in Pottery Barn's Christmas collection. It was a small roll for over $16. This, on the other hand, was 69 cents a yard!

I used half for it a wreath I can use all year. As much as I love wreath making, an 8 to 5 job calls for time-saving ideas.

I embroidered the text using the back stitch and kept the ribbon secure with an embroidery hoop. Burlap is very forgiving as an embroidery material. Super easy. And crazy-inexpensive!

I'm hoping to tackle some more embroidery projects soon. They are incredibly therapeutic and somewhat addicting. It must run in the family - my mom has told me that she used to stay up into the early hours of the morning while she was pregnant with me. Care to join? We can channel our inner old lady and stitch on the porch in rocking chairs with some sweet tea. Yes? Ok, great. Here's some inspiration:


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  1. Love the wreath Meagan! The "hey y'all" is adorable! Great ideas :) Hope your doing great !

    xo. Britt