ringing in 2012

With a late-working husband, a lot of our crew out of town, other plans falling through, and an opportunity for incredibly rare alone time, Dustin and I had a New Years Eve date. Before he left for work that morning, we devised a little plan for our night in, and he built the bones of this:

Our lovely little haven for the night.

And I devised a New Years menu after some research. I'm pretty sure you're supposed to eat all this business on New Years Day. I think we probably snacked on some leftovers after the midnight countdown. That definitely counts. I tried to memorize what each of them meant so that I could give D a nice little menu presentation, but the brain was still on vacation. So, to redeem myself, here it is...

Black eyed peas - In the South, they are thought to bring prosperity
Pork [there was bacon in the fritters] - Pigs represent progress by the way they root forward in the ground
Cabbage - In Germany, Ireland, and parts of the United States, cabbage is associated with luck and fortune
Noodles - In Asian countries, they are meant to bring long life
Pomegranate - In Turkey and other Mediterranean countries, they are associated with abundance and fertility [hello!]
Champagne - because its New Years, duh

After dinner, we shared some goals for our second year of marriage. They were certainly encouraging. And grace was promised while doing our best to hold one another to them. Because I can't pass up an opportunity, we did a little craft project in which we wrote and framed our said resolutions. In front of our faces daily is much better than in the notes section of our cell phones.

And then we listened in slight fear [me] as our mid-city apartment complex sounded like a war zone.

Happy New Year!


  1. How fun! Love your creative menu - so much more exciting than plain old black eyed peas.

  2. Wow that looks like an amazing and healthy menu....hahah the Mr. and I were home from dinner at 9 and we made a sleep over/camping site in our living room too...:-)